Decision due on controversial Bath Park and Ride

A decision's due this afternoon on controversial plans for a new Park and Ride on the edge of Bath.

Protestors say the proposal to tarmac one of two sites on Bathampton Meadows will destroy an historic landscape. Whilst the council says the scheme is essential to ease traffic congestion.

The two fields in Bathampton, east of Bath are both are options for the council. It's considering a new park and ride for 1,400 cars to try and improve congestion on the city's London Road.

these are the meadows they want to save. Credit: ITV West Country

It's a travesty. You can see how beautiful this land is. It has so many legal protections over it. From the setting of the World Heritage site, to green belt, to the Cotswolds AONB that looks down upon it. It's a travesty that it should ever be considered. And more so because the council now admit it will provide no environmental benefit. It will make no difference to emissions in the city.

Christine Boyd, Parish councillor
Credit: ITV West Country

Protestors staged a walk-past.

Campaigners know there have been attempts to put a park and ride here before which have failed.

This is an open piece of grassland. This is water meadows. It depends on being open for its character. It's a really important piece of land. If this was on the edge of a listed building, we'd be talking about the curtilage of a listed building, but actually this is World Heritage Site curtilage, so it's more important. And nothing you could do to a car park here could conceal it. Even with the best will in the world, the best planting, the best landscape architects, the best designers, you can't conceal the lights, the cars, the buses, the signs.

Piers Taylor
Credit: ITV West Country

But even so the mood at tonight's meeting - like the pylons that run over the fields - will be highly charged.