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Extra 100 police officers for Devon and Cornwall

The £24m spending plan would mean more frontline officers Photo: ITV News West Country

An extra 100 front line police jobs are to be created in Devon and Cornwall - but the number of PCSOs will be cut. It would bring the number of uniformed offices to around 3,000 across the two counties.

The numbers are revealed in proposals announced by Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez under a £24m spending plan. But they depend on the police's part of the council tax rising by two per cent a year for the next three years.

Devon & Cornwall PCC Alison Hernandez Credit: ITV News West Country

“By freeing over £10m from reserves, by striving for further efficiencies, by raising money through the policing precept and changing other spending priorities, I have provided the Chief Constable with the funds to be one of the only forces in the country to increase its number of officers.

“It is for the Chief Constable to decide the make-up of his workforce so that he can best deliver the priorities set out in this plan. He has now set out his intentions and I will support him in that, but I will expect him to deliver, in particular, the increased connectivity that the people of Devon and Cornwall have said is important to them.”

– Alison Hernandez, Police & Crime Commissioner

“The frontline has become very stretched over the past years of austerity. At the same time demand has increased and the need for specialist capabilities, such as firearms officers and public order trained staff, has grown to meet the national and international threats.

“The redesign and reprioritisation of our workforce will require us to move some staff from existing roles, such as PCSOs, to other police staff roles, new staff investigation roles or to join up as police officers depending on their career aspirations and suitability.

– Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer