Happy ending for puppies left for dead in recycling box

All three have now found loving new families. Credit: ITV West Country

Three puppies abandoned and left for dead in a recycling box near Bristol have the chance for a fresh start.

They made headlines across the region after their lucky escape - which saw another dog sniff them out where they'd been hidden in woodland and raise the alarm.

Now, we've been to meet the three families who have given them a home:

It means three happy endings to a horrible tale - vets at the Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary said they wouldn't have survived the night if left out in the cold.

Credit: ITV West Country

When Sarah and Kevin heard their story, they knew they had to help.

They're determined to make up for their dog's difficult start in life:

Credit: ITV West Country

So, how did the Skinner family know Rocket was the one?

For Amanda, having lost their other dog Jake a few weeks ago, meeting Poppy felt like fate:

And it's not goodbye forever - with group walks planned, the pups will see each other again.

You can watch the full report by Lise McNally below:

Credit: ITV West Country