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Beaver kits first born in Britain for hundreds of years

These 5-month old beaver kits are part of a trial to see if the animal should be reintroduced in Britain. Credit: MIke Symes - Devon Wildlife Trust

Several beavers born to a mother on the River Otter are thought to be the first of their species born in Britain for hundreds of years.

The five baby beavers - or kits - are now five months old and are shown nibbling on vegetation while their mother grooms herself.

The animal became extinct in Britain around 400 years ago after being hunted for their meat and fur which was used to make hats, gloves and coats.

But as part of a trial by the University of Exeter and other groups several beaver families have been reintroduced on the River Otter to find out if the public want them back - you can take part in the survey here.

Scientific research trials examining the potential benefits and disadvantages of reintroducing the beaver are now taking place.

Experts at the University of Exeter are monitoring the impact of small populations of reintroduced beavers upon people and the environment.

The kits are likely to stay with their mother for two years.