Mystery over the death of a Devon man in Eastern Europe

Barry Pring with his wife on his wedding day Credit: Shaughan Pring

The brother of a man from East Devon who died in the Ukraine says he's desperate to find out exactly what happened to him.

Barry Pring died on a night out with his new wife nine years ago.He was hit by an car in the country's capital, Kiev. It had no lights on and a stolen licence plate. The driver has never been found.

Today Barry's brother Shaughan has been speaking to ITV. He told us that he believes Barry was murdered. He believes only one person is to blame - his wife.

Barry's brother told ITV today: "As soon as I was told about Barry's death, I was highly suspicious of the way his wife delivered the message. She said, Barry's been hit by a car and he's dead. It was as calm as that."

"We have an amazing idea of what happened that evening, but the only person who can come forward and tell us that truth is Ganna herself."

Ganna Ziuzina failed to turn up to Barry's funeral and his inquest - despite requests form the coroner

She has since remarried and moved to Marbella in Spain.