Luke Jerram's latest exhibition opens in Bristol after ten years in the making

Credit: Photograph by Luke Jerram

An artist from Bristol who turned a city street into a giant water slide, and filled a local woods with ghostly boats, has unveiled his latest work today.

Luke Jerram's Glass Microbiology exhibition features jewel-like sculptures, which accurately represent deadly viruses and microbiology.

Luke's sculptures were designed in consultation with virologists, including those at the University of Bristol, using a combination of different scientific photographs and models.

Among those depicted in this most unusual collection include Zika, SARS and Smallpox.

"Swine Flu" Credit: Photograph by Luke Jerram

They were made in collaboration with glassblowers Brian Jones and Norman Veitch.

It's the latest in a string of projects known around the world, including:

"T4 Bacteriophage 2011" Credit: Photograph by Luke Jerram

The exhibition took more than a decade to develop.

After more than ten years of development it's great to be able to present this body of artwork in Bristol. The Box is great new arts space and opportunity, both for the artistic and scientific communities of the city to come together.

Luke Jerram

The exhibition will run in At-Bristol's new space, The Box, until September.

The integration of art, science and culture is an urgent and wonderful quest where beautiful new ideas and experiences can arise. Luke's sculptures can be found around the world, and so we're delighted to be able to present this particular collection for the first time in his home city.

Anna Starkey, At-Bristol's Creative Director