Luke Jerram's latest exhibition opens in Bristol after ten years in the making

Credit: Photograph by Luke Jerram

An artist from Bristol who turned a city street into a giant water slide, and filled a local woods with ghostly boats, has unveiled his latest work today.

Luke Jerram's Glass Microbiology exhibition features jewel-like sculptures, which accurately represent deadly viruses and microbiology.

Luke's sculptures were designed in consultation with virologists, including those at the University of Bristol, using a combination of different scientific photographs and models.

Among those depicted in this most unusual collection include Zika, SARS and Smallpox.

"Swine Flu" Credit: Photograph by Luke Jerram

They were made in collaboration with glassblowers Brian Jones and Norman Veitch.

It's the latest in a string of projects known around the world, including:

"T4 Bacteriophage 2011" Credit: Photograph by Luke Jerram

The exhibition took more than a decade to develop.

The exhibition will run in At-Bristol's new space, The Box, until September.