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Final Concorde to ever fly moves into new hangar

Concorde 216 being moved into its new home. Credit: Great Western Air Ambulance Charity

The last Concorde to ever fly has been moved to a new home after spending years outside on a runway.

Concorde 216 has been sat on the side of an airfield in Filton for more than a decade but was helped into a new hangar earlier where it will become the centre-piece of an exhibition.

The aircraft was the final one to fly of the supersonic series when it took to the air over Bristol and the South West back in 2003.

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The Aerospace Bristol exhibition is due to open in the summer and aims to tell the story of Bristol's aerospace industry.

Concorde 216 - which was built and tested in Bristol - will be the centrepiece of the exhibition.

It was manoeuvred into its purpose-built hangar this morning after being tugged along the runway in front of photographers and enthusiasts.

The aircraft on the runway in Filton. Credit: Great Western Air Ambulance Charity

Concorde had been the fastest commercial aircraft in the world - able to cross the Atlantic in less than three hours - before one of the fleet crashed after take-off in Paris in 2000.

It was the beginning of the end for Concorde's time in the skies but the fleet went out on a high with one final flight over Bristol on 2003.

Concorde over the Clifton Suspension Bridge on its final flight. Credit: ITV News