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In numbers: what it takes to walk around the entire coastline of Great Britain

Natalia Spencer has been walking the coast-line of Britain in memory of her daughter. Credit: ITV News

The mother of a five-year-old girl who died while suffering what seemed like a simple cold is coming to the end of a charity walk around Britain's coastline in her daughter's memory.

Natalia Spencer from Cheltenham began the challenge last February to raise money for the Grand Appeal to buy new equipment for Bristol Children's Hospital where her daughter Elizabeth was treated.

So what's it taken for her to walk the entire coast-line of Britain:

Natalia's walk has been going on for nearly a year. Credit: ITV News
the number of pairs of hiking boots Natalia got through during the walk.
toothbrush, mobile phone and route map as well as Elizabeth's teddy bear Foxy - what Natalia carried
sets of clothes - travel light!
Natalia is walking the route in memory of her daughter Elizabeth. Credit: Natalia Spencer
well-wishers who have walked with Natalia on stretches of the journey.
strangers who offered Natalia accommodation after hearing about her story.

Natalia's hosts would wash her clothes, make her breakfast and dinner and provide her with a packed lunch every day.

After each day's walking her hosts would pick her up and take her home before dropping her off in the same spot the next morning to continue the walk.

Elizabeth died of what appeared to be a common cold. Credit: Natalia Spencer
the number of miles a day Natalia trekked every day - with one rest day a week.
miles - the shortest stretch of the walk on the Isle of Skye where Natalia battled rocky terrain.
miles - the longest stretch of the walk in mainland Scotland.
Natalia began the challenge almost a year ago. Credit: ITV News
days of walking to complete the challenge.
pounds raised for the Grand Appeal to buy equipment for Bristol Children's Hospital.