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Cliff collapse: Council urges people to stay away from cliffs after shed falls from garden

The aftermath of the cliff collapse in Sidmouth. Credit: ITV News

People are being urged to stay away from a beach in East Devon after what the local council are calling a 'significant' cliff fall.

The collapse happened yesterday afternoon on the Western end of Sidmouth beach, bringing tons of soil and a garden shed crashing onto the beach below.

The shed's owner Paul Griew has described how he considered going into the shed just minutes before it fell off the edge.

East Devon District Council is now asking people to remain clear of the cliffs. Credit: ITV News

Although the incident was a shock it may not come as a surprise to the residents of Cliff Road.

They have been campaigning for action to deal with coastal erosion for with parts of the cliffs receding as far as 20 metres in as many years.

A beach management plan has been drafted by East Devon District Council and a case for funding is being made but residents say they are worried it is taking too long to protect homes in the town.

Before and After - how Paul Griew's garden has continued to shrink

East Devon District Council said:

We strongly advise all members of the public to enjoy the cliffs from a safe distance. Educating people over the dangers that cliffs present is a priority for us."

– East Devon District Council

Heather Hatfield had been watching from the seafront below and caught the moment the shed fell on video. She said it was pure luck that she had been there.