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Owner of garden shed which fell off cliff considered going inside before it fell

A man whose garden shed fell off a cliff says he almost went in moments before it happened. Credit: ITV News

The owner of a garden shed which dramatically fell off the edge of a cliff in Sidmouth has told ITV News he nearly went inside before it dropped off the edge.

Paul Griew's garden has been falling away because of erosion on the cliff-top and since he moved in 17 years ago a 20-metre chunk has gone from it.

Paul says he briefly thought about going into the shed to collect some things just ten minutes before it fell off the edge of the cliff.

The scene after the cliff fall in Sidmouth. Credit: ITV News

Pictures courtesy of Heather Hatfield

Luckily he reconsidered and then looked out of his window to find his shed had vanished.

It had fallen off the top of the cliff to the rock below - the moment was captured on camera by a passer-by.

Paul says he had no idea the shed was about to fall, believing that part of his garden was more stable than other areas.

He had been planning to move his shed further down the garden but now he says that problem is solved.

The end of Paul Griew's garden where the shed used to stand. Credit: ITV News

His gardener also had a lucky escape before the cliff fall. Paul says he had been working on a bonfire on the other side of the shed.

He had left before the cliff fall without Paul knowing so - fearing he may have gone over the edge too - Paul had to check his car was not in the driveway.

When he called his gardener to tell him what had happened it left him shaking.

The edge of Paul's garden has come in land by 20 metres since he moved in 17 years ago. Credit: ITV News