Alcohol crackdown at this year's Cheltenham Festival

Cheltenham Festival Credit: PA

Horse racing fans are facing restrictions on drinking in an attempt to crack down on anti-social behaviour at the event.

Vistors to this year's Cheltenham Festival will be restricted to buying 4 alcoholic drinks at a time.

There will also be water points available at every public bar.

The 4 day horse racing event attracts crowds of over 260,000 and this year starts on March 14.

Ian Renton, chief executive of the Cheltenham Festival, is working hard to ensure that there won't be a repeat of last year's bad behaviour.

He said, "Our message is enjoy yourself and have a great day out at the races but don't come here purely to drink."

"We won't to ensure all racegoers can enjoy their racegoing unhindered by people drinking irresponsibly."

The racecourse is also working with Cheltenham Borough Council to improve safety.

Council officers will now be able to issue on the spot fines to anybody who refuses to stop drinking in a designated area or refuses to surrender their alcohol.

Cheltenham Festival Credit: PA