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Homeless people targeted in recent suspected arson attack

Photo: ITV News

There have been a string of incidents targeting the homeless community in Cirencester. Last week two tents caught fire in a suspected arson attack in the graveyard of St John's Church.

The secluded campsite was provided by the vicar as a safe place for homeless people to sleep.

One young woman, who was inside one of the tents at the time, says she's too scared to go back. We've concealed her identity.

The group were given emergency shelter by charity Signpost. But they say a more permanent solution to Cirencester's homeless problem is needed.

We spoke to Graham Harris, a co-ordinator at the charity, who discussed the affect attacks like these can have.

Mr Harris said he wrote to Gloucestershire's Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl a week before last week's attack - making him aware that there had been a wave of attacks aimed at Cirencester's homeless community, and asking him to do something to help.

Signpost provide three meals a week for the homeless in Cirencester - but say what's needed is a safe place to shelter, and more projects to help get people off the streets permanently.