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Local man forced to pick up used needles in park

Lawrence Hoo picking up used needles Photo: Lawrence Hoo

A man from Bristol was forced to pick up used needles in a park.

Lawrence Hoo was visiting St Agnes Park in St Paul's with his family. He was shocked to discover that the park was full of litter, clothes and worst of all the seating area was covered with used needles.

See Lawrence's reaction to the scene at St Agnes Park here:

Lawrence attempted to call the drugs clean up team at Bristol City Council for 30 minutes but his efforts were in vain.

Mr Hoo took it upon himself to remove the needles from the family park.

He uploaded the video of himself cleaning up the needles onto Facebook. It sparked outrage amongst many people who were angered by seeing the state of the park.

Have a look at Lawrence's clean up efforts at St Agnes Park:

A Bristol City Council spokesperson said: “As a minimum, the parks litter team visit and litter pick St Agnes Park twice a week based on current levels of general litter and sex and drugs litter. The park was last cleaned on Tuesday morning."

“We would also respond immediately on receiving any reports of this nature. Along with our waste partners we regularly respond to incidents like this across the city."

“Reports of this nature can come in directly to the parks enquiries form on our website, or via the call centre or street cleansing web form. Emergency control can also be contacted out of hours. We are sorry to hear that Mr Hoo could not get through to report the issue on this occasion. These calls are usually dealt with quickly and efficiently. We are not aware of any long delays in handling requests on Monday and are disappointed to hear of this experience. We will be investigating this issue to make sure something like this does not happen again."

“In the past, where there has been evidence of drug use, we have adjusted the frequency of visits to parks across the city until the situation improves. We will look into whether it is now necessary to increase our visits to St Agnes Park in light of this incident."

“Given the dangerous nature of this type of litter we would advise the public not to touch the waste but report the issue to us at”