Babbacombe Cliff Railway under goes major refurbishment

Babbacombe Cliff Railway has been transporting people from up on the Downs to Oddicombe Beach since 1926.

The Railway has been shut since Christmas undergoing a major refurbishment.

Work has been done to improve the efficiency and safety of the running gear and new carriages are going to be installed in the next few days.

John Ayres, of the Babbacombe Cliff Railway Community Interest Company, says around £130,000 is being spent on the railway, which has been out of action for the last three months.

Keeping a railway like this up and running has involved a number of refurbishment's over the years and hasn't been cheap.

There are some paid staff but a lot of the work is carried out by volunteers.

Last year the Railway carried around 120,000 passengers. Not a bad way to celebrate its 90th anniversary.

The reopening is on schedule and Babbacombe Cliff Railway will soon be back to doing what it does best.

Making life a lot easier for those on the way up.