A controversial parking plan which is to be introduced in Teignmouth will 'keep people away' from the South Devon coastal resort, according to a local councillor.

An area which has always been free to park has had meters put on it and its become a major talking point in the town.

Recently a national newspaper published it's top 40 holiday hot spots and Teignmouth was amongst them.

So you'd expect all to be well in this South Devon coastal resort, but you'd be wrong. Parking meters have been put on the Promenade area which has always been free and the locals are not impressed.

"I think it's a shame I think a sea side town needs to have a lot of attractions to get people to come here and I think Parking charges are a bit disappointing really."

Local resident

The decision to introduce the Pay and Display meters was made by Devon County Council and they've issued this statement:

The changes to on-street parking in Teignmouth have been developed with Teignmouth Town Council and in consultation with the public. It follows requests from local people to improve on-street parking for residents, to encourage greater turnover of limited waiting spaces to benefit businesses, and also to increase space for taxis in the town.

Devon County Council
The council say the new charges are after requests by residents for improvement to parking Credit: ITV News

But local councillors like Sylvia Russell feel it shouldn't have been Devon County Council's decision to make.

This area here forms part of the original Den amenity area and it's always been a very special place for Teignmouth families going back generations. They've had this place and to bring charges now is an absolute imposition and Devon County Council did have a consultation but the majority view was there should not be parking charges imposed on this area.

Cllr Sylvia Russell, Teignmouth Town Council
Businesses feel the charges will have a negative knock on affect Credit: ITV News

Most local businesses feel the introduction of charges, which come into force on 1st March will have a negative knock on affect.

What they're doing is just making it more difficult for people to use Teignmouth because we've found that all the people that used to park on the sea front did used to shop in the Town.

Chris Houghton, Shop owner