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Coral reefs suffering because of global warming

Photo: Sea Life Trust

Researchers at the University of Exeter are warning of the devastating effect global warming is having on coral reefs.

Warmer seawaters caused by climate change and extreme climatic events, threaten the stability of tropical coral reefs.

In mean in some areas the coral reef is eroding faster than it's growing.

Credit: Sea Life Trust

Coral Reefs are formed by the accumulation of coral skeletons that builds up of hundreds and thousands of years. These form complex structures that support a huge diversity of marine life.

University of Exeter scientists have warned that there could be further rises in sea temperatures owing to global warming with potentially devastating effects on corals reefs.

Professor Mat Collins, from the University of Exeter, said weather variability "combined with rising temperatures due to global warming, means we will see unprecedented sea temperatures and an increase in coral bleaching."

Coral bleaching means that coral are under more stress and are subject to dying.

Credit: Sea Life Trust