Devon bus stop transformed by mysterious designer

Walkhampton's bus stop transformed by mystery designer Credit: Nick Shutt

A bus stop in a small Dartmoor village not far from Plymouth, has been transformed to look like a living room. The stone shelter in Walkhampton has been decorated with photographs, ornaments, pot plants and a rocking chair.

The homely touches have been added by a mysterious interior designer. The bus stop was transformed earlier this month - around Valentine's Day. No one in the village knows who's behind it.

Local reverend Nick Shutt says it's brought the community together.

It's a great thing and has brought a real sense of cheer to the community. For Halloween it was 'spookified', and for Valentine's it was 'loved-up'. We genuinely have no idea who is doing this but it just makes it better than it was.

Reverend Nick Shutt

It's not the first time it's happened. Locals say it began last August. The bus shelter had previously been targeted by vandals.

The bus stop had previously been targeted by vandals Credit: Nick Shutt