Street art highlights fears over NHS cuts

Credit: Protect our NHS

NHS campaigners in Bristol and North Somerset are taking action to publicise the damage they believe is being done to the NHS by the current government.

In addition to running regular street stalls and organising recent street protests over cuts to the NHS, local campaign group Protect our NHS is collaborating with street artists to try and bring attention to health services in England.

Various images – produced by Bristol street artists Object and DNT - have appeared on walls and arches along Stokes Croft in Bristol focusing on the national health service and publicising the March 4 demonstration for the NHS.

One image features the image of Prime Minister Theresa May kissing President Donald Trump under the caption 'Kissing Goodbye to the NHS?'

Sue Kilroe, organiser of the mural and a member of pressure group Protect Our NHS, said: "We need to make sure that the answer is not 'Yes’. We're at a tipping point, this is a very dangerous moment for the future of our health services in England."

"The reason this mural is so important for people to see is because, as part of a speedy trade deal with Donald Trump, Theresa May could offer up our public services.

"Health provision is a big business, and lots of American companies desperately want to take a cut from our NHS."

Credit: Protect our NHS