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Fun science: how lego can help young people to engage with genetics

Photo: ITV West Country

Biologists at the University of the West of England have found a new use for Lego; they're using it to teach schoolchildren about genetics.

Credit: ITV West Country

Today they joined Year 9 pupils at the Bridge Learning Campus in Bristol to build Lego cars, according to a genetic code, and to explore what happens when genetics go wrong.

Credit: ITV West Country

Teachers hope it'll give pupils a taste for science.

A lot of students are finding it quite difficult to get engaged with science. They see the concepts as quite lofty. They don't really understand why they're learning them.

So things like this BoxED project with UWE and Health Education England are really important for getting students to think about how science is related to them.

– Marie Hazel, Head of Science, Bridge Learning Campus