SCHOOL UPSET - 1 in 10 families in Bristol miss out

Families across West Country will be getting their offers of secondary school places.

In Bristol, the city council received 4,625 applications - that's a rise of 8% on 2016.

91% of families were offered one of their top three preferences, which is down slightly from 92.5% last year.

Just over a quarter - 25.6% - were offered their first choice of secondary school compared to 23% last year.

There were around a third more first preference applications for Bristol schools from people who live outside the city.

Credit: PA

Bristol City Council says most families who did not receive any of their preferred choices applied for schools which:

  • assign places by random allocation

  • are outside Bristol

  • or are faith schools

Anyone not receiving an offer for their preferred school will be given information about how to stay on the waiting list and the appeals process.

Credit: ITV News