Father says Snapchat is 'torturing his children'

It's a familiar sight to all of us - a teenager glued to their mobile phone. But what is it that's keeping them so occupied?

Johnnie Wells from Lelant in Cornwall says his 14 year old daughter Bridget has become 'dangerously obsessed' with maintaining so-called 'snapstreaks' with her friends.

Credit: ITV News

Snapchat is a popular social networking app, that allows you to send pictures and videos to friends, which disappear after being viewed.

But it's the app's new 'streaks' feature, that's got teenager's hooked.


14 year old Bridget Wells, from the West Country uses Snapchat every day, and has a 'snapstreak' with 70 different people.

Credit: ITV News

Snapchat say that Friend Emojis - which include Streaks - are a fun way to learn more about users' friends. But Bridget's dad Johnnie, says it's becoming an addiction.

Snapchat say they've partnered with online safety experts to educate users. But Johnnie Wells is calling for the streaks feature to be scrapped.

Like many parents, Johnnie argues the streaks have led to anxiety and restlessness, but despite there being nothing to gain from the streaks, it's quickly grown in popularity.

But at what cost.

The safe guarding leader at Bridgwater and Taunton College says it's an issue affecting young people more and more with the rise of social networking.

Here's the full report on ITV West Country from Ashna Hurynag: