Her Majesty meets The Royal Welsh Regiment

Her Majesty was at Tidworth barracks today meeting The Royal Welsh. Credit: ITV News

Her Majesty the Queen has been in Wiltshire today, helping The Royal Welsh Regiment mark St David's Day - which was earlier this week.

The Queen presented Leeks to the most valued soldiers, which included two goats.

Meet new recruit Corporal Shenkin and Fusillier Llywellyn, who joined last year.

Corporal Shenkin and Fusillier Llywellyn. Credit: ITV News

She inspected a parade at Tidworth barracks and met soldiers' families.

The Royal Welsh Regiment. Credit: ITV News

The Regiment's history goes back more than three hundred years. While the full time soldiers are based in Wiltshire, their roots are firmly in Wales.

The 1st Battalion is the Army's lead armoured infantry task force. The 3rd Battalion are reserve soldiers, and both were on the parade ground today.

Credit: ITV News

After the formalities of the parade, there was a chance for the Queen to meet some of the soldiers.

Her Majesty speaking to some of the soldiers. Credit: ITV News