Cornwall celebrates St Piran's Day

Credit: ITV News

March 5 is St Piran’s Day, and is named after one of Cornwall’s patron saints.

It’s still celebrated in Cornwall to this day, with some Cornish council workers even getting the day off in celebration of the county’s national day.

The day is marked with local celebrations, dancing, singing, and quite a lot of drinking.

Credit: ITV News

Today in Truro a Parade began from St George's Road and passed through the streets to High Cross.

From the Cathedral Steps the Grand Bard, Merv Davey, delivered his Spring Address and the Dean of Truro and Bishop Chris, discussed Piran's values and how they can inspire people.

Credit: ITV News

We spoke to revellers at the event in Truro:

People at the event say it's important to keep passing the culture through generations.

Saint Piran stands for a whole load of values which are about goodness, celebration, inclusion, dumping cynicism, generally living with nature, being inventive, all those things and these lie at the heart of Cornish life.


A grand procession is also being held near Perranporth.