There's been a sharp increase in the number of people working from home since 2009 - with 70% believed to be women. That is according to research from the University of Bath.

The South West has seen the biggest rise across the country in the number of women working from home.

It is a movement which is believed to have helped the country out of the last recession with four million businesses started from home - most of them by women.

Trinske Driscoll-Antonides used to be a project manager for a large firm before she became a mother but now works from home near Marlborough.

Ady Henderson from Axminster invented a washing bag for tights and it has proved so popular it is going on sale in America.

Sam Espensen runs her own PR company in Bristol and has recently set up a gin business.

They spoke about why they love working from home.

Technology has had a big part to play in the increase of people working from home. The internet coupled with a laptop means it has become easier to work without moving from the comfort of your home.