Bristol boxer Lee Haskins has started a Crowdfunding page to raise £100,000 for former boxer Dean Francis.

Dean was diagnosed with cancer and told that it is 'untreatable' and 'incurable' and that the NHS can't help him.

During his 20-year career, Francis was nicknamed 'Star' and won British, European, Inter-Continental and Commonwealth titles.

On the Crowdfunding page for his friend Lee wrote, "Having always been a fighter Dean has overcome the impossible in his boxing career after a shoulder injury that told him he can never box again."

"Against all the odds he fought his way to the top again. We need your kindness and support to help Dean and his family and give him a chance to fight this illness that destroys so many lives."

He continued, "Dean's only chance now faced with such a life-limiting illness is to look for alternative treatments in the hope that we can not only prolong his life, but that we can find a cure. Already, the illness has progressed quickly as Dean was first diagnosed in January."

You can see how the Crowdfunding campaign is progressing here: