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Wildlife Sanctuary takes in 12 blind and helpless fox cubs

Vale Wildlife Sanctuary has taken in 12 fox cubs within 24 hours. Credit: ITV News

A wildlife sanctuary has taken in two litters of fox cubs within 24 hours.

The 12 hungry babies, which were all abandoned, are being bottle fed every three hours, round the clock.

The cubs must be fed every three hours around the clock. Credit: ITV News
Credit: ITV News

The fox cubs are blind and helpless, and are being raised at the Vale Wildlife Sanctuary near Tewkesbury.

It is the normal time of year for cubs to arrive at the sanctuary, but it is the first time they have gotten so many young cubs at once.

The cubs will be released back into the wild later this year. Credit: ITV News

The foxes will be released back into the wild, so when their eyes open they will have minimal contact with humans.

But for the moment these youngsters need to be weaned.