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Dorset women buck brewery industry trend

Beer is as loved by many of us English as tea, cricket and talking about the weather.

But when it comes to who is drinking beer, there's been a bit of a divide between many men who enjoy an ale and many women who don't - but that is changing.

A West Dorset brewery has been heralded as one example of where women are at the forefront of making and enjoying beer.

One brewster - or female brewer - Emma Turner says people are very accepting of her chosen career.

Because we live in the South West we live in quite a creative community.

People have been very accepting and very open to the fact that we have a lot of female farmers around here so why can you not be a female brewer?

I've been very lucky I've only ever met with positivity and enthusiasm really, there have been a couple of comments: 'You can't be a brewer, you're tiny, you can't do all the lifting', well you know actually I can.

– Emma Turner, Brewster

Amanda Edwards-Gile set up the brewery - which is log powered and uses its own spring water- three-years-ago with her husband.

Emma has been a brewer for seven years, and says this brewery's location is perfect for her to indulge her love of foraging for ingredients to then use when brewing.

The brewery also produces IPAs with a different - like this nettle IPA.

They create a nettle IPA, foraging locally for the ingredients.

They bring almost a very irony flavour and we've still got a lot of hop flavour in there, a lot of malty flavour but it just adds a little additional element.

– Emma Turner

We asked Amanda and Emma what they would say to any women who still insist beer isn't for you?

Give it a go, there are so many beers out there - a lot of bars now will let you try before you take the plunge , so just do it.. You've got nothing to lose.

– Emma Turner