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Teenager dies of 'allergic reaction' in Bath shopping centre

A teenager who died after collapsing at a shopping centre is thought to have had an allergic reaction to something she ate.

15-year-old Chloe Gilbert collapsed in Bath's SouthGate shopping centre on Sunday afternoon.

Although emergency services attended the scene, she died shortly after falling ill.

Chloe died aged just 15 from a suspected allergic reaction Credit: Gilbert family

Her family have paid a heartbreaking tribute to the school girl - who lived in Seend - and said she was diagnosed with an allergy to dairy products from an early age.

Our beautiful and talented daughter was suddenly taken from us on Sunday 5th March.

Our whole family and so many of Chloe’s friends have been left devastated at this sudden and tragic event.

The cause of Chloe’s death has yet to be ascertained, however we believe it may have been as a result to something Chloe had eaten.

– Gilbert family
Emergency teams were called to SouthGate shopping centre in Bath on Sunday after Chloe collapsed

Following Chloe's death, her family are urging anyone who has an allergy to seek immediate medical assistance if they believe they are suffering any form of reaction.

Police were called to SouthGate shopping centre just before 3pm on Sunday after Chloe collapsed.

Her death is being treated as unexplained and police are still awaiting the results of a post mortem.