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Local pasty shop fundraise to help regular customer

One community in Ernesettle, Plymouth has rallied together to help out one of their own.

Former firefighter Derek Ryder has been struggling to get around, with each day becoming increasingly difficult for Derek to venture out to his favourite pasty shop.

Derek loves to get out and about, especially to go and get a pasty.
Derek visits this pasty shop everyday.

Terresa Mitchell and Sue Gamble work at Derek's local pasty shop which he visits everyday.

They noticed that Derek wasn't using his old mobility scooter as it had broken, so they began fundraising to get him a new second-hand mobility scooter.

Sue and Terresa spread the word and loyal customers dug deep on each visit and put some money for Derek in the donation jar.

Sue and Terresa set up a donation jar to help raise enough money to get Derek a new scooter.

The two ladies were able to surprise Derek with a new scooter, but the fundraising continues for replacement batteries. Each battery costs £160, and Derek will need two when the old ones run out.

Sue and Terresa noticed regular customer Derek was struggling to get around.

Derek is a proud man who never asked for this, but gets quite emotional thinking about what the community has done for him.