Teenager warns about 'deadly' cyber bullying craze

Betsy Hambleton was a victim of 'The X Game'. Credit: ITV News

A teenager from Devon is urging young people to boycott a new game on social media, which she fears is putting millions of children at risk of online bullying.

Betsy Mae Chamberlain came across 'The X Game' on the mobile app Snapchat, which is used by teenagers to share pictures and text with one another. It involves a group of people sending insults to one particular person after they are named alongside the letter 'X'.

Betsy, who lives in Paignton, was called a "dumb blond" when she was targeted, but she says there were far crueller comments to her peers.

"They were calling people fat and ugly and really bad swear words and everything," she said.

After witnessing what happened to her daughter, Betsy's mother, Rachaele, wants other parents to be aware of the risks. She started her own blog to highlight the dangers of 'The X Game', but has been shocked by the damage it has already caused:

"I've had thousands of women emailing me about their children, mums that have had their children commit suicide, mums that are at the bedside of daughters that have tried to commit suicide."

She added, "only this morning a lady has emailed me to say she has found a letter in her daughter's room that she wants to kill herself and they have taken her out of school and got her to the GP. So, the awareness it has raised is huge and I think that's what it's about really because it could save a child's life."

Laura Higgins, from the UK Safer Internet Centre, says it's vital that everyone starts taking responsibility to prevent online bullying: