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Campaigns underway for West of England Metro Mayor

There are five mayoral candidates.

The West of England will elect its first metro mayor in May 2017. The combined authority area consists of Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset.

The elected mayor will have powers over transport, planning and skills. They will work closely with city leaders to set out and follow through their strategic vision for the region.

There are three priorities that the mayor will address:

  1. Get more homes built
  2. Build the profile of the West of England economy
  3. Invest in transport to make the region more accessible

The campaigning for the election continues, with a hustings organised for tonight.

This will allow candidates to outline their plans to drive growth in the region.

The mayoral candidates are:

  • Tim Bowles, Conservative
  • Lesley Mansell, Labour
  • Stephen Williams, Liberal Democrats
  • Darren Hall, Green Party
  • John Savage, Independent
Tim Bowles. Credit: Conservatives
Lesley Mansell. Credit: Twitter
Stephen Williams. Credit: Twitter
Darren Hall. Credit:
John Savage. Credit: