Major cabinet changes announced by Mayor of Bristol

Several changes to major roles on Mayor Marvin Rees’ Cabinet have been made following a reshuffle at Bristol City Council.

Two members are leaving the Cabinet. They are Cllr Mark Bradshaw, who will step down on 14 April and Cllr Clare Campion-Smith.

Mayor Marvin Rees will take on an expanded portfolio including personal oversight of roads and congestion, economy, sports, city infrastructure and democratic engagement.

Under the new Cabinet the council will have two Deputy Mayors. The first, Cllr Craig Cheney, will continue to focus on Finance, Governance and Performance.

The second, Cllr Asher Craig, will take on a Communities portfolio which includes the cross-cutting theme of Public Health, alongside Public Transport, Leisure Centres, Libraries, Community Assets and Parks.

Former Deputy Mayor Cllr Estella Tincknell remains on the Cabinet with a new portfolio encompassing Culture, Events and Equalities.

The remaining five Cabinet Members include a new appointment in the form of Cllr Helen Godwin, who will be responsible for Children and Young People.

Her counterpart for Adult Social Care will be Cllr Helen Holland. Cllr Fi Hance has an amended portfolio covering Energy, Waste and Regulatory Services whilst two members, Cllr Paul Smith and Cllr Claire Hiscott, have unchanged portfolios for Housing and Education & Skills respectively.

I appointed an interim Cabinet soon after taking office last May and I am very grateful for everyone’s hard work and commitment in successfully servings its purpose. In 10 short months we are in a very different position – both in terms of the city council and the wider world.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol