Sandi Thom releases song reflecting on postnatal depression

Sandi and her son Logan. Credit: Sandi Thom

Multi-platinum selling popstar Sandi Thom has released five albums in her career but during her recent pregnancy she suffered from pre and postnatal depression.

Her debut single I Wish I was Punk Rocker, released in 2006, meant instant fame for the singer as it topped record charts around the world.

More than a decade on and the 35-year-old's latest release, Tightrope, is a highly personal one.

It's a reflection on the effects of depression she suffered during pregnancy and after the birth of her son Logan.

Speaking about pre and postnatal depression, Sandi said "It was totally crippling, you can't do anything, function properly, think straight, make a decision…that's what's going on in your head, I was full time looking after Logan."

"I was able to appear normal on the outside but what was going on in my head was absolutely crippling."

After medical treatment, Sandi is now fully recovered and enjoying life with her 11-month-old son.

Owing to her experience, she's donating all profits from her new song to the PANDAS Foundation, a charity that helps support women who suffer depression during and after pregnancy.

Sandi just after giving birth to Logan. Credit: Sandi Thom

Suicide is now one of the most common causes of death in mothers with children under one.

An ITV news survey found that in the South West:

Sandi and Logan Credit: Sandi Thom

Donna Collins, Managing Director of PANDAS Foundation, said "There are so many people out there that just can't find the support. Waiting lists are enormous."

"There is definitely a postcode lottery going on around the country and so unfortunately some people are missed, they slip through the cracks and that's why we see people get themselves into such a pickle, in dire need."