Is this one of the worst streets for crime in the country?

Bristol regularly features in national surveys and was recently voted the best place to live in the country.

This time however a street in Bedminster has been listed amongst the worst for crime in the country.

However, not all is as it seems. The name of the street is wrong and perhaps more worrying - it's listed as having some of the worst rates of shoplifting..... despite not having any shops.

This is likely a result of the data from official police figures, as Warden Road is in close proximity to the high street and the data is based on an ‘on street or near street’ reporting system.

It's Warden Road, not Warden Street! Credit: ITV News

Warden Road in Bedminster is said to be the ninth worst street in the UK for crime.

Hopewiser has made the claim after analysing data from policing crime maps for the period July - December 2016.

  • According to Hopewiser's figures:

This is the reaction from people on the street who describe it as a quiet place where not a lot happens, let alone crime.

Hopewiser, the organisation behind "The UK’s Most Crime Ridden City Streets", even managed to get the name wrong. It referred to Warden Street rather than Warden Road. This has since been corrected.

But the statistics it quotes do actually come from official police figures.