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Brexit baby brings the Commons together in laughter

The birth of the son of two MPs, Jack Lopresti - who represents Filton and Bradley Stoke - and Andrea Jenkyns (Morley and Outwood) - has brought hilarity to the House of Commons on the day Article 50 is triggered.

MPs Andrea Jenkyns and Jack Lopresti have had a baby boy on the day Article 50 was triggered Credit: PA/ITV News

Speaker John Bercow had MPs in uproarious laughter after congratulating a Tory couple on the birth of their son.

MPs were told by Conservative Jason McCartney that Andrea Jenkyns, the MP for Morley and Outwood, had given birth to a baby boy called Clifford George.

But the Commons Speaker was quick to point out that Jack Lopresti, the MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke and the partner of Ms Jenkyns, may have "had some hand in the matter as well".

MPs on both sides of the House of Commons burst into laughter, prompting Mr Bercow to clarify his remarks and say Mr Lopresti "had a role".

Speaking after Theresa May delivered a Brexit statement on the triggering of Article 50, Mr McCartney (Colne Valley), said:

"This is indeed a momentous day. On behalf of the whole House may I pass on our congratulations to our honourable friend the member for Morley and Outwood (Ms Jenkyns) on the birth of a baby boy this morning, Clifford George."

Mr Bercow then intervened and said: "In congratulating the honourable member for Morley and Outwood on that excellent news to which you have just referred I think it right also to congratulate the honourable gentleman, the member for Filton and Bradley Stoke (Mr Lopresti), who I think had some hand in the matter as well."

Laughter erupted across the chamber and Mr Bercow shouted: "He had a role anyway!

Mrs May then joked: "I'm glad I didn't have to give the clarification of your statement."

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