What a load of rubbish! Cleaner caught by bin bag prank

April Fool's Day may be a few days away but one firm in South Gloucestershire is definitely getting into the spirit.

Staff at a shopfitters in Hanham decided to have a laugh with their regular cleaner Darren who tidies up their office twice a week. Matt Gray filmed the moment Darren headed to the yard to throw the rubbish in the skip.

  • See for yourself what happened next.

Video courtesy Matt Gray

The trick involved hiding apprentice Charlie Haskins in the skip to lie in wait for the cleaner and then throw the bin bag back at him.

The full video (not featured) goes on to show a bemused Darren picking up the rubbish and trying again - with the pranksters pulling off the joke a second time.

As you can hear on the clip, it caused riotous laughter all round and let's hope Darren saw the funny side of it.

All in all it was a pretty impressive prank and no doubt there will be many more come Saturday.