Spencer Watts who broke his back has praised advancements in medical science, after new technology and engineering changed his life for the better.

Spencer, from Tiverton, was just 15-years-old when he sustained a life-changing injury while competing in motocross. He became paralysed from the waist down after severing his spinal chord from landing a jump short.

But the father of two continues to compete in the same sport that cost him his ability to walk - thanks to new technology and engineering.

The 21-year-old spent five months in hospital, receiving treatment and rehabilitation at a specialist spinal unit. Spencer found this to be a particularly tough time.

What was worth living for - that was what I questioned for about six weeks of me being in hospital - I went through a real rough patch, didn't want to see anyone - I was really upset, emotionally just didn't know what was going to happen next really

Spencer Matthews

But within 18 months he had made incredible progress with his rehabilitation that he was preparing to get back behind the handlebars of a bike with a specially adapted frame.

It's amazing - it was nerve-wrecking at first but motocross has been in my blood from a young age and since my accident it was my dream to get back on a bike.

Spencer Matthews

The black frame allows Spencer to sit on his bike and use his kneepads to over link the frame which holds him in. While going 45mph around corners, he relies on his upper body strength to get himself round.

Within 18 months after his accident Spencer was back on his bike. Credit: ITV

Technology and engineering have played a major part in changing Spencer's life for the better since his accident.

It's not just the specially adapted bike that's helping Spencer back on his feet. He's learning how to walk again on a pair of robotic legs that work using tilt sensors - he will be the 10th person in the UK to own some.

What he's looking forward to now more than anything walking to the park every day with his wife and two young children.