'Rich House, Poor House' dads meet for first time

Two families from the West Country have suddenly become famous after swapping their homes and incomes in a week-long experiment for a Channel 5 TV series.

The Williams family from Weston-super-Mare and the Caddy family from Bristol were taking part in the show 'Rich House Poor House' and it turned their world's upside down.

The Williams family had a week to remember as they moved into a millionaire's mansion in Clifton.

They had an extra £1600 to spend - a far cry from the £107 a week dad Anthony, a warehouse worker, usually has to feed and clothe his family.

He was able to buy his eldest son AJ a new pair of football boots long after he had outgrown his old pair.

Meanwhile in Weston-super-Mare the Caddy family were sent back down to earth as they swapped their seven-bed four-bathroom home for a terraced house.

the experience made the Caddy family question the cost of a university education as they saw the success of the Williams' children.

Today the two fathers met in our studio for the first time and said they felt like they had actually known each other for a while.