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Famously small music venue pulls the plug

The Shed. Photo: ITV News

We all know about the big music venues like the 02 arena, the Royal Albert Hall, Wembley, The NEC, but up until now there has also been The Shed.

The Shed near Clevedon has been attracting hundreds of bands and singers over the years despite being only 10 feet by 8.

The owner says he's closing it as other people have copied his idea. He once turned down the chance of letting Ed Sheeran play The Shed.

Bob Crampton outside The Shed. Credit: ITV News

The former World War One billet and one-time butchers shop has had a new life for nearly a decade.

Groups like Fairport Convention took up the challenge of playing at the tiny venue.

The idea to have a rocking shed came over a few pints in the local pub.

The Shed owner and founder Jon Earl said, "We were just there, friends discussing a few things we were thinking about doing in the shed.

"I thought, why don't we just get one of these artists in and record it? So I did, and put it on YouTube and straight away people started saying, can I come and play in your garden shed?"

The Shed owner and founder Jon Earl. Credit: ITV News

Every gig was shot on Jon Earl's small digital camera.

Jon said, "I've done nearly 1000 sessions - I've probably had 4000 musicians walk through The Shed."

Tim Minchin performing performing at The Shed. Credit: Jon Earl/The Shed

The garden shed entrepreneur is pulling the unplugged sessions because too many people have copied him.

Jon said, "It's had it's time, it's served its purpose in a way. It was an originator of the idea - of you could record a session at home very simply with a camera and a musician."

"I am quite proud of the fact that a lot of people said they would have never started if they hadn't seen Songs From The Shed. It seemed the right time."

One of the artists drawn to The Shed was West Country folk singer Steve Knightley. This is what he said about the venue:

Chart topping singer Ed Sheeran nearly got to play The Shed. He was turned down.

Jon recalled the experience and said, "One of the band's had a guy who was tuning their guitars, and getting them ready."

"They had done their session and they said you should get our guitar guy to play a couple a songs, Ed's got some lovely tunes.

"I went, ooh it's a bit busy today do you wanna come back another time. A month later, the A-Team went massive and I've not heard from him since."

Jon Earl missed his chance to have Ed Sheeran perform at The Shed. Credit: ITV News

Jon admits his incredible success as a music mogul put a strain on his family life.

He said, "It took over our life, there were some Sundays where my family couldn't even come out to the garden - there were so many musicians stood outside."

This trailblazer venue could still provide occasional musical treats in the future.

It goes on the road for a festival at Clevedon's Curzon cinema on the May Bank Holiday.

Credit: ITV News