Cable car for Bath: transport solution or monster?

Bath's spectacular Georgian skyline helps draw visitors from around the world. The cable car is being proposed as more than a tourist attraction, helping connect the city centre with suburbs in the south.

Details of the design are yet to be announced but some already find the idea horrific.

People are being asked for their views on the cable car at a series of exhibitions and online. It's being suggested to help people travel in Bath. Consultants conclude it is the most affordable and achievable way to make an impact on transport problems.

At this stage there is no suggestion of a design or even a route that the cable car will take but we know it will come from the south of the city. It is hard to see how it won't go over some of the houses, where it will connect with the centre of the city of Bath and the railway station.

If it is built, the cable car will connect Bath Spa station with the new Mulberry Park development in Combe Down and the neighbouring Foxhill estate.

Residents are now moving into the first of 700 new homes at Mulberry Park. The developers are a not-for-profit housing association, Curo.

The chief executive says the cable car idea came from discussions while planning the development and it has support from leading figures in business and tourism.

The area of Widcombe is close to the cable car's likely northern terminus. A campaign group has come together quickly to fight the proposals.

Time will tell if this is a sensible solution to traffic congestion or a pie in the sky idea that'll grind to a halt.

Here's the full report from our correspondent Duncan Sleightholme: