Why Dartmoor wants to charge for car parks

Would you pay to see a view like this? Well Dartmoor National Park is not about to charge for its impressive scenery but it has seen the need to ask people to pay to park nearby.

Visitors have to pay to park at Princetown Credit: ITV News

Visitors to the National Park currently enjoy free car parks everywhere, except in Princetown.

But now the Park Authority wants to introduce the charges at Postbridge, Meldon, Newbridge and Haytor.

There is an honesty box at the other car parks, but it is only generating around 50p per car, which the Authority says isn't enough for maintenance.

The honesty box at Postbridge doesn't get enough donations Credit: ITV News

Ally Kohler from the Dartmoor National Park Authority says it has more than 700km of public rights of way and 50,000 hectares of land to look after and time and erosion have taken their toll.

The proposed parking fees for visitors between 10am and 6pm every day are:

  • CARS: £1 for less than three hours, £2 for more than three hours



It will be some time before any changes are introduced. For the moment Dartmoor National Park Authority wants to hear what people think of the idea and has opened a consultation on the parking charges.