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Man with lung cancer demands rollout of trial drug

Munir's trial ends in two weeks time. Photo: ITV West Country

A man with lung cancer from Cornwall is pleading for a new drug - that he says allows patients to live longer - to be made available on the NHS.

Tests have shown it helps the immune system destroy cancer cells. The body that will decide if it's made available met today but won't make a final decision for weeks.

Munir Sawalha takes a cocktail of pills each day to keep him going but none has made such a difference as Nivolumab, the fortnightly cancer drug he receives as part of a medical trial at the Royal Cornwall Hospital.

Credit: ITV West Country

Restauranteur Munir tried radiotherapy to treat his lung cancer but reacted so badly to it he became bed bound.

Doctors told him he may only have 6 months to live. Then he was selected for a trial of the drug Nivolumab. 18 months later he is still here to tell his story.

The first three months I did start feeling better, maybe it's imagination but I don't think so, everybody knows his body and I have a good feeling.

– Munir Sawalha

Munir says it's vital people have access to drugs like this.

Munir's trial ends in two weeks time. His prognosis isnt clear but he says he's determined to keep fighting as long as he can.