Daylight robbery: mother's appeal for man who stole son's bike

Credit: Anon

More than 350,000 people have watched a video of a man using bolt cutters to steal a bicycle in broad daylight from a busy street in Bristol.

The mother made the appeal on her Facebook page after a passer-by filmed the man stealing her son's bike.

The bike belonged to her 13 year old son, and was his first adult bike costing almost £600. The victim's father's more valuable bike was locked alongside but was not stolen.

The mother received a number of texts from people giving the name of the alleged thief, which she has passed onto police.

Credit: Anon

The theft happened outside the shop, Fopp on College Green in the city centre. The father and son had cycled there to buy DVDs.

I have been amazed at how much this has spread on social media, but shocked at the criticism of the person who filmed the theft. He was the only person who stopped and tried to do something. He asked the thief what he was doing and the man said it was his bike but the lock had jammed so he had to cut it off.

Mother, who's son's bike was stolen

Watch the video here:

The man who filmed the exchange wishes to be anonymous.

Credit: Anon

I was only trying to help the family. Most people just walk past these situations without doing anything.

Man who filmed theft