There was a very special package to unwrap in Bristol this morning, Concorde 216 was unveiled in a hangar in Filton.

Concorde had been wrapped in protective film while works took place around the aircraft and the end wall of her new purpose-built hangar was built.

She's being prepared for the opening of the new Aerospace Bristol museum, a heritage centre devoted to the history of aviation in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

This summer people will be able to see Concorde 216 in all her glory. Before then she's going to get a good scrubbing, having stood for years at the side of Filton Airfield - open to the elements.

Bit by bit she's revealed. Credit: ITV West Country/Ken Goodwin

It took four people four days to wrap the Concorde in the protective film, it's much quicker work doing the unwrapping - but still no mean feat!

Concorde 216, was the last Concorde built, and was also the last in a long line of Bristol-designed aircraft to be assembled and flown at Filton.

It returned home on 26th November 2003, making the final flight by a Concorde.