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Former Cornish Lib Dem MP asks public whether he should stand for election

Former St Ives Lib Dem MP Andrew George Photo: PA

Former Liberal Democrat MP Andrew George is asking people in Cornwall to help him make his mind up about whether he should become a candidate for next month's general election.

Mr George was the MP for St Ives for 18 years until he was unseated in the 2015 election by Conservative Derek Thomas. Mr Thomas won by 2,469 votes - a majority of 5.1 per cent.

Andrew George says he's prepared to stand in the election on June 8th, but hasn't finally made up his mind about whether he should be a candidate.

In the coalition government he made his name as the Liberal Democrats' most rebellious MP, voting against rises in tuition fees, and health and welfare reforms.

"Do people here seriously want to help me fight the politics of greed prejudice and fear? To effectively challenge those who are driving the UK towards a self-harming hard-Brexit. Or do they just want to divide into protest factions and let a loyal biddable Tory in by default?

"Whether we like it or not we have an electoral system which gives you a straight choicehere – either the Tory or, if I stand, myself, a self-confessed independent-minded Liberal Democrat. No other Party has ever got close."

– Former St Ives Lib Dem MP Andrew George