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Paramedic dies on 41st birthday after skin cancer battle

There was a 98% chance that the cancer would not come back - but it did. Photo: Family Photo

A Bristol paramedic from Newton Abbot has died from cancer on her 41st birthday. Kath Osmond helped raise the profile of melanoma, highlighting the importance of sun screen and the risks of getting burnt.

Colleagues of Kathryn Osmond had raised £70,000 for treatment that was not available on the NHS after she was given just months to live.

Credit: ITV West Country

Kathryn - a paramedic for 16 years - had been diagnosed with skin cancer after finding a mole on her leg. The disease spread to her bones, lungs and lymphatic system.

Colleagues at the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust had raised tens of thousands of pounds over the last year through the challenge titled Runningman4Kath.

Paramedics from all over the West County joined fundraising efforts. Credit: Runningman4Kath

Her family say they want to continue to spread Kath's word, so no one else suffers in the way she did.