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Search and Rescue dogs fine tune their skills ahead of the Ten Tors

As teenagers from across the West Country complete their training on Dartmoor for the Ten Tors event next month, search and rescue dogs have also been fine tuning their skills.

They're all owned by volunteers who've been holding a national training weekend on the moor.

The dogs are particularly good at searching out casulties in the long grass - difficult for a human eye to spot, but no problem for the search and rescue dogs.

Anyone with experience of the Moor knows how quickly the weather can change - from daylight to zero visibility within minutes if the fog rolls in.

Two weeks ago one school group from Colston's School in Bristol found themselves lost in the dark and rain, and are grateful to the Mountain Rescue Volunteers who led them to safety.

Some members of the Dartmoor Rescue group have been training their dogs this weekend.

Originally I wasn't going to have a search dog at all, she is only a trainee but when you see the full search dogs, what they're doing is pretty amazing.

– Volunteer

It's great to be out on the moors, it's a great way of interacting with our dogs, and obviously it's really good helping people around in terms of we all like doing outdoor stuff but sometimes it can go slightly wrong, so it's good to be able to help those people as well.

– Volunteer

Up to 12 of the capable canines will be made available during the Ten Tors weekend, proving they can be far more than just man's best friend.