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Torbay residents feel 'stranded' by bus cuts

Local residents 'devastated' by loss of bus services. Photo: ITV West Country

Residents living on an estate in Hele say they are devastated by the loss of two local bus services.

The number 64 and 65 routes have been scrapped, alongside several others in the Torbay area that were run by operator Local Link.

It's left those without access to a car feeling isolated and cut off.

Maureen Pearce says many older people relied on the bus to get about.

It's not just older residents who needed the services, but younger people too, who can't afford to drive.

For Rebecca Manley, 21, car insurance is just too expensive. She used the bus to get to work in town.

Some residents described the bus services as "vital" helping them to get to the hospital. But there is hope. In Paignton, a service is run by volunteers and residents in Hele would like something similar to come their way.

In Paignton residents benefit from a community-led bus service. Credit: ITV West Country

ITV West Country contacted Local Link for a response, but the operator declined to comment.