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Joey the labrador named EasyJet's 'most frequent flying' dog

A guide dog has been named EasyJet's most frequent flying dog.

Joey, a golden labrador, mainly flies between London Luton and Paphos in Cyprus, with his owner Jan Gibson.

The pair, who are from Swindon, have notched up 35 flights, and have been invited to join the airline's "furry flight club".

Joey with his bone-shaped 'boarding pass'. Credit: EasyJet

The crew and passengers often fuss over Joey and take photos as it's not often you get to see a dog on a plane.

Joey even gave a Captain a lovely ‘kiss’ while a ‘selfie’ was being taken, and he has been in the cockpit when the aircraft was on the ground.

– Jan Gibson, Joey’s owner

7-year-old Joey has been with Jan for five years and is her fifth guide dog.

He enjoys flying, and will usually sleep through most of the flight, although he does go for a walk half way through.

Credit: EasyJet

Guide and assistance dogs are the only animals allowed on EasyJet flights.

We are delighted to welcome Joey as the first member of our ‘furry flight club’. With 35 flights under his collar, he must be one of the most travelled dogs in the country and we are really pleased Joey, Jan and Roger have chosen to fly with us again and again.

– Peter Duffy, EasyJet