Outrage vs pride: Bristol reacts to Colston Hall name change

Colston Hall will be known by a different name from 2020. Credit: ITV West Country

In 2020 the Colston Hall will have a new name. No longer will it carry connotations of Edward Colston and as a result echoes of the slave trade.

Today the Chief Executive of the trust that runs the performance space explained the rationale behind the board's unanimous decision.

And on the street outside the controversial building, people agreed the name change was a move in the right direction.

Local politicians have also spoken about today's announcement. Cllr Richard Eddy, is a long-standing critic of the move and says he'll boycott the venue if the name change goes ahead.

Meanwhile on social media, opinion was divided still. Award-winning TV producer and author David Olusoga took to Twitter to speak of his pride in the decision.

But on Facebook, fellow Bristolians were outraged that building was having a name change.